About Doug Carson

About Doug

Based in Neepawa, MB Canada, Doug carves mainly ducks but has also carved many other birds and animals. Other work includes items antique wordworking and stone sculptures. The scale of his work has ranged from a 26 ft. totem poles weighing 600lbs to lifesize 2 oz. monach butterflies. Doug competes in some regional shows (primarily in Western Canada), and some pieces have won  awards for best of category, division and show. Some pieces featured on this site have been sold, while others remain in collection. Custom commissions are welcome.

Learning to Carve

Doug’s advice to aspiring carvers is to find an accomplished carver and have them help you. Having carved by himself for before starting to compete and get help from others he now sees that his learning curve would have accelerated ten-fold if had sought help earlier. He says the carving community is also very helpful – most if not carvers are happy to help aspiring artists.